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Business Leaders Zoom Call 11th May Summary

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Stephen Brown

Euro Projects Recruitment Business Leaders Zoom Call

For Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology, Transportation & Logistics Professionals

Summary of Key Points: 11th May 2020

1.0 Remodelling your future business

If you work in Manufacturing you’re being encouraged to get back in to work.  Most manufacturers are already doing this. 

Most businesses who have not returned their employees from furlough are doing so due to a lack of orders rather than being able to provide a ‘Covid-Secure’ work environment, which many had already put in place.

There is more on-shoring, bringing some manufacturing back in house and targeting of domestic markets to secure new business channels.

2.0 Redundancies whilst furloughing

A lot of businesses are going back to basics to stream line their operations until sales and revenues return.

This is regrettably creating an increase in redundancy enquiries with law firm Irwin Mitchell.

Some businesses are waiting to see what the economy looks like in June, whilst others related to hospitality and aerospace are starting the consultation process now, to overlap redundancy notice periods with furlough scheme.

Furlough is seen as a temporary measure for many businesses ahead of making headcount reductions.  If you are making 20+ redundancies it is a more formal consultation period, so a lot of employers trying to keep it lower than 20 to enable a more flexible approach around the end of furlough.  The 20 headcount threshold of redundancies are 90 days between one set of redundancies and the next. 

Don’t be put off with a remote consultation process. Whilst it seems awkward to consult with people during furlough, it is the best way is to do it.

Whilst people are on furlough they are unable to access company data, and it seems to feel a safer time to go through the redundancy process.  The advice is to document everything to the ‘nth degree.

With participants permission you can record the video call / phone call session during the consultation.

It is recognised as a very difficult time for people; from a metal health aspect there is value in using wellness action plans.  This is a valuable tool for all staff, including those in consultation, furloughed or remote working.

2.1 Wellness Action Plan:

MIND produce one employers, which is a good example and helps a line manager to ask good questions that might otherwise be difficult to ask. 

Be aware of the equality (Equality Act) topic, which also links to making reasonable adjustments.

2.2 Career Counselling Service

This is another good thing to be offering to any exiting staff.  It helps workers to feel they’ve been looked after and from a legal perspective it reduces the likelihood of a claim; secondly in the event of a claim it can contribute to your defence.

Eddie Smith of Euro Projects is offering a free career counselling service to redundant employees and an outplacement service to companies who are downsizing.

3.0 Planning the next steps for your business?

Two sorts of business; those that fell off a ledge straight away and those that slowed down more gradually. 

China is now exiting lockdown and seeing a strong return in production.

Some staff will be returning to work and not working with the same co-workers

People we are bringing back into the business may not be coming back to work with the same colleagues. 

Businesses need to help employees to understand the “new normal”. It is a re-onboarding. 

Continuously revisit your missions and values and remind returning employees of your vision.

Ask “what can we do to make you feel safe and secure?”… Otherwise they will be making up their own version of the truth.

Many businesses now focussed on their return to work plan. Review space and the profile of your employees (social distancing, childcare, vulnerable people or shielding other people at their home, staggered arrival times).

Health and safety claims are uncapped if someone falls and you can be held liable, it is therefore essential you take necessary measures.

Also consider transport issues to avoid putting certain employees at risk, in the immediate term, this might be a deciding factor for who stays on furlough.

Return to work checklist:

Government guidance on a Covid Secure Work Place:

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