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Euro Projects Recruitment Employment Report 2018

This report is compiled from our ongoing research (data collected through the acquisition of new vacancies from our clients, placing candidates into new roles and surveys sent to both clients and candidates). 

Our research includes:

1. How much pay has moved within the last year
2. Why successful job hunters are moving jobs
​3. Why new vacancies are being created

Staff Retention Whitepaper

Recruiting people with the right skills and cultural fit for your business is now harder than ever before. Losing key members of your team will prove really damaging for your business, so how do you keep hold of your top performing employees?

Succession Planning Whitepaper

71% of all recruitment projects for company directors undertaken by us in the last 9 months have been due to retirement.

Succession planning is on average considered the second most important recruitment challenge facing our customers, second only to immediate skills shortages for specialist roles. With over two thirds of the UK workforce predicted to be over 50 years of age by 2020, this is as an issue which is only likely to intensify.

Interview Tips for Hiring Managers

Interviewers should aim to get the best out of every candidate and need to adopt an encouraging and supportive manner. At the same time they need to be discerning and challenging, interviewers demonstrate, both by listening and looking attentively, that they are interested in the candidate, and by creating an appropriate atmosphere candidates will relax and talk more freely, perhaps more freely than they had intended.​