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7 reasons why a top performing employee will join your business

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Leanne Ganley Company Culture, Recruitment

7 reasons why a top performing employee will join your business:

1. Offer them the opportunity to expand their knowledge, research has proven this to be the number one reason ambitious performers change jobs.

2. You wouldn’t want to eat the same meal for dinner every day, and Top Performers seek a similarly varied work diet. Look for ways to include challenging objectives or projects into their scope of work.

3. Do you have a key opinion leader, industry expert or just someone who is excellent in their field at your company? Assigning a mentor or coach to new recruits is a certain way to achieve their engagement.

4. Ask yourself what it means to have your company name on a CV. If it adds value and carries respect emphasise this point. If not, then consider what it is that makes your competitors more attractive to Top Performers.

5. Are they in good company? Ask yourself how your current people measure up, if the peer group are low performers, what can you offer a Top Performer that is different?

6. Provide clear Vision and Values and market these on your website, all communications, advertising and at every step of the recruitment and induction process. Top Performers have clear goals and know how they will achieve them. You should do the same.

7. Provide recognition and reward. Regular formal and informal recognition and reward to all your team will create a positive, goal orientated atmosphere in which Top Performers will feel at home.

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