Specialist Recruitment Consultant

Specialist Recruitment Consultant

Specialist Recruitment Consultant

North West Leicestershire

Have you reached a point in your recruiting career where you lack the passion for your company’s service? is it too numbers related? does your boss lack leadership skills? or does your work lack real purpose?

If so then we have your solution. We are an established yet energetically growing recruitment & search firm, who support our consultants with excellent Resourcing and Marketing support. The majority of our business is retained and we focus on professional, white collar and executive roles.

We are now interviewing for Permanent and Interim Recruiters in the following sectors: Civil or Rail Engineering, Food & Beveridge, Logistics, Finance and HR.

As a group of professional recruiters, we share a common denominator. We understand people well. Well enough to accurately match high performing business professionals with high performing businesses.

If you feel that your strength in work has come from a combination of going after what you want and your ability to understand people accurately, there’s a major chance you’ll love this job.

Euro Projects Recruitment serves specialty and high growth companies throughout the UK with Business, Commercial and Technical professionals. Our leadership team is considered one of the most innovative and progressive in the market and is on the front line with us as we grow.

It is well recorded by our clients that we are one of only a few search firms who serve the market with such a high level of quality service.

If any of this is appealing for you:

STOP… Before you send us your CV! We are not as interested in what you have done as much as we are what you are drawn towards.


Tell us Four things:

  • What do you believe is your best interpersonal talent? (Be specific.)
  • What do you believe makes you an exceptional Recruitment Consultant? 
  • Where do you want your recruiting career to be in 5 years’ time?
  • What do you need from your next employer to reach your goals?

Competitive Salary, Commission, Bonus and Executive Benefits plus the chance to focus on making a difference to the people you work with.

Please send me, Stephen Brown, your CV at recruitment@europrojects.co.uk

For a Confident Future visit: www.europrojects.co.uk