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Employee Selection & Attraction Report

Recently a company we had never heard of asked us for help!

They thought they had hired three people but within 8 weeks they had all gone.

One took a counter offer and didn’t even start.

One lacked the right attitude.

The third decided the business wasn’t right for them.

Guess what… they had no back up plan and three critical vacancies to fill!

When you lose people the consequences can be pretty severe. Apart from the lost time and money spent recruiting, there is the opportunity cost of not getting on with your main job and the frustration this creates.

Failing to have the right people in place, who you have employed with confidence, can affect the delivery of your business plans and damage your career by holding you back from doing bigger things.

Clients who rely on our service enjoy a 94% success rate of the people they hire through us still being in post after 12 months. 72% have been promoted in this time.

They recruit people with energy, who set their own high standards and enjoy what they do.

They recruit people who share their values, are personable, honest, conscientious and down to earth.

Their ability to attract and retain the best people dramatically improves.

To enjoy these benefits, it all starts with a simple self-assessment of your current recruitment process.

This simple checklist of 28 questions takes less than 5 minutes to complete and provides a detailed snapshot of your recruitment process. To complete the checklist, click here:

We have a team of recruitment experts who specialise in your industry, who you can have a pragmatic and consultative conversation with (01530 833825) and we look forward to preparing your bespoke report when you have completed the checklist.

We will send your FREE report within two days, highlighting three key areas where you can improve your current process or fill in the vital missing gaps.

After that, it’s up to you to either allow us to talk with you in more detail about how we can support you or you can continue as you are.