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Our Team

Ian Yoxen


What does your role involve?

It's been a wonderful week, joining my customers on site to support them with director and senior management level interviews. A lot of preparation has gone into these second interview sessions involving candidate presentations and structured questions. Later this week and into next week I kick off two new projects, both vacancies are for previous candidates that have asked me to recruit for their new company.

What do you like about working at Euro Projects?

The team working is unmatched at any other recruitment company. I firmly believe that, and the Net Promoter Scores from candidates and clients endorse the high standard of service which is delivered by the whole team. 

Favourite quote:

"In 40 years of business, I've never recieved this standard of recruitment. I think it's bloody marvellous what you guys do." - Owner & Chairman of a £180m turnover Engineering & Manufacturing Group, operating in the UK, USA & Europe.

What do you like doing outside of work?

Being outdoors. I might be coaching junior rugby, cycling, hiking or cutting the lawn. Always happy when I'm outdoors come rain or shine.