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Did Finding Your Ideal Candidate in 2023 Just Get Easier?

Ideal Candidate

Stephen Brown

​The employment market has been everything but stable these past three years and the Summer of 2023 has been no exception, it does however seem that a transition is taking place which may benefit some employers.

  • As we predicted in January; businesses now carrying large debts as a result of the pandemic, which are unable to secure further investment are making people redundant.

  • The spike in graduate salaries seems to have peaked, particularly for more general degree qualifications, which don’t bring an immediate contribution to an employer.

  • Growth in demand for new vacancies has increased at its slowest pace since the post-pandemic recovery started in March 2021.

  • All this said, competition for highly skilled candidates remains extremely high, with salaries (and counter-offers to retain key people) continuing to run at rates well above inflation and overall earnings growth across the private sector running at 7.1%.

How to capitalise on this apparent shift in the market:

  • There are still far fewer skilled people than vacancies and well before the pandemic there was a war for talent. Seize the opportunity to attract talented people whilst less long-term focussed competitors freeze recruitment or even make redundancies.

  • Beware of USA owned competitors, the USA economy is growing at 5.5% this year and there are many USA owned businesses operating in the UK with a more bullish approach to global recruitment.

  • Don’t become complacent, maintain staff engagement and keep pace with market rates for salary and benefits packages with existing staff.

  • Avoid disappointment when recruiting: Before the pandemic, resigning employees were being offered circa 20% pay rises to remain in post, this recently rose to 40% and whilst it is likely to deflate, the 20% base level was set in times of similar economic expectation, making a worthwhile offer to attract your candidate of choice is therefore still very much here to stay.

  • Keep recruiting: Those businesses with the best talent don’t treat recruitment as a one-off event, they are continuously recruiting and upgrading their skills.

  • Buy in interim and temporary support to stress test your resourcing requirements. With the potential to recruit additional talent this is a good way to build your skills base quickly without making long term commitments where you don’t have clear visibility.

In addition to providing you with these real-world insights, since 1996 we have been a trusted partner in the recruitment of people who make a real difference.

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