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ATTENTION : Recruitment Related Scam Alert!!

Scam Alert

Stephen Brown

If you have recently posted on LinkedIn that you have a new job, or you have recently hired a new person for your organisation and posted this information on LinkedIn, beware of the following scam:

  1. New employee gets an email from the scammer purporting to be from a senior person in the business asking them to WhatsApp them.

  2. WhatsApp the scammer asks the new employee to buy vouchers for a staff incentive or award.

  3. The scammer then asks for the codes on the vouchers, thereby giving them the value of the voucher to use.

  4. The new starter has spent around £300 of their own money on the vouchers.

To avert this happening to you or your business, we recommend the following actions:

  1. Be aware and alert all new starters and existing team members to this scam, particularly those working remotely who you are not in frequent contact with.

  2. Ensure that all team members know the actual mobile phone numbers and email addresses of their colleagues and be clear about what technology communication channels your organisation uses.

  3. Exercise caution when receiving unsolicited messages from unknown contacts or email addresses.

  4. Verify the source, before responding to any message, examine the sender's information carefully. Check the email address or phone number associated with the message. Scammers often create deceptive accounts that resemble legitimate ones, so double-check the details for any inconsistencies or irregularities.

  5. If something feels off or suspicious about a message, trust your gut instinct. Scammers often employ tactics to create a sense of urgency or exploit emotions to pressure their victims. Take a step back, think critically, and don't let your emotions cloud your judgment.

  6. If in doubt call your actual boss and ask if their messages are genuine, failing that ask another senior colleague in the business.

We hope this helps you and any new starters in your business to avert being scammed.