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Hire Fast?


Stephen Brown

“Hire Slow and Fire Fast” is a saying you may have heard before but perhaps not one that should be taken too literally in today’s employment market.

This is because the second most likely reason for someone to reject your job offer is a slow recruitment process or a delayed decision (the first being a low financial offer).

Whilst I entirely agree in terms of your recruitment progress needing to be rigorous, it must be conducted with velocity.

To avoid cutting corners whilst maintaining pace in the process, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Do the things that take a long time well ahead of engaging candidates in your process, such as:

    1. Writing a detailed, outcome-based Job Profile

    2. Preparing your interview questions and scorecard

    3. Understanding the values and behaviours required for cultural fit and how you will test these

    4. Deciding who will do interviews and when by

  1. Interview good candidates as you become aware of them, don’t stockpile CVs to go through in bulk

  2. Conduct several interviews to keep momentum in the process:

    1. Telephone interview to qualify

    2. Teams or Zoom meeting to pre-screen

    3. First face to face interview to test suitability and fit (this stage may also include psychometric test/GIA/practical assessment)

    4. Second face-to-face interview to engage, sense check and possibly offer subject to references

  1. Take references

  2. Make your offer quickly:

    1. Over the phone

    2. Quickly followed up with an email

    3. Simultaneously with a written contract in the post

  1. Stay in touch

Reduced risk doesn’t have to mean reduced speed, and winning your choice of candidate in a fast moving market will most likely come down to your time to act.

Maybe the new saying should be “Hire Fast and Thorough” and if done properly the need to fire shouldn’t be an alternative (84% of our candidates are still in post after 12 months, proving how a rigorous process delivers long term results).

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