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Top 7 Actions to Attract Talent for your Business

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Stephen Brown

​With full employment, a shortage of employees at all levels in all sectors and a fresh economic stimulus from the new cabinet in government; the demand for recruiting high quality people with skills and experience continues to intensify.

Short term measures to attract employees with enhanced pay have become the norm and a more strategic approach (which arguably should be ever present in your business), is once again critical to your business’s long term success.

To help you create and deliver your own recruitment strategy, we have brought you the top 7 actions, which are achieving the best results for growing businesses right now:

  1. Keep your ear to the ground: Networking is back after a long period of repression and the opportunity to speak to potential new employees is once again available. Start meeting people at events and discussing your vision and plans for your business and ask those people you meet if they, or anyone they know is looking to share such a future.

  2. Don’t hide success: Security is a key driver in employee behaviour and with the backdrop of economic uncertainty, this will only deepen. It is therefore essential that you highlight the successes of your business in terms of new orders won and business security. Don’t be shy to share financial forecasts and what this means to employees to help build confidence in your shared future.

  3. Don’t treat recruitment as a one off event, plan for the future by building a pipeline of talent through apprenticeships, graduate placements and training programmes. By creating your own in-house talent you will also be able to build a reputation of internal promotion and career progression, which many potential employees will want to become part of.

  4. Build your employer brand within your community, either locally through grass roots charities, local events or sports club / team promotion (we have successfully recruited several people through a local rugby club). Or within your market space through industry awards, conferences, exhibitions and dinners, and always online using social media channels.

  5. Tap into your employee’s networks by educating them to share with peers that you are looking for people and encouraging them to share your vision for your business.

  6. Continue to promote a culture at work where people feel safe, a sense of belonging and shared values. Listen to ideas, collaborate with everyone and treat people as individuals with individual needs.

  7. Partner with a professional recruiter who takes time to learn about your business, your culture and values and who provides sound advice as well as well-matched people. Share your vision with them so they can anticipate the talent you require and build a network of candidates for your longer term plans. It is also important that you get on well with them and they become a well-integrated extension of your business.

Right now the best way to attract the best people to your business is to devote as much energy and resource to winning talent as you would to winning clients and customers.

To help you successfully attract and recruit the best people for your business, contact us at or call us on 01530 833825, we’d be happy to chat through your current recruitment process and offer advice on how you might be able to improve, or discuss how we can support you recruit the people you need.