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Euro Projects Recruitment Business Leaders Zoom Call 12th October Summary - Leading in a Crisis


Stephen Brown

Euro Projects Recruitment Business Leaders Zoom Call

For Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology, Transportation & Logistics Professionals

HR & COVID-19 Update + the Leadership Perception Gap

Summary of Key Points: 12th October 2020

Covid-19 & Business Update

Stephen Brown from Euro Projects Recruitment

Economic & Financial Update:

Welcome back, on the day we await yet further announcements on coronavirus restrictions for those areas with increased cases of COVID-19.

With a second wave being managed on a more regionalised basis, a three tier system is anticipated which is likely to impact the hospitality sector once again with an expectation of:

Tier One – Medium Risk: Current rule of six people and hospitality curfew.

Tier Two – High Risk: Restrictions on households mixing.

Tier Three – Very High Risk: Total ban on socialising between households and closure of pubs and bars. Potential travel ban in and out of tier three areas without an essential reason to do so and no overnight stays in or out of tier three areas.

Regions likely to enter Tier Three include: Merseyside, Newcastle, Nottingham and Greater Manchester.

In response, The government has announced the new "Local Furlough Scheme" for businesses that are required to close as a result of local COVID-19 lockdowns. The scheme provides for payment of up to two-thirds of employee wages up to £2,100pm.

The Bank of England today asked banks how ready they would be to manage zero or even negative interest rates.

UK employers are expected to cut a further 1.5 million jobs by Christmas as the rate of furloughed employees between August and September remained at 3.3 million or 11% of the workforce.

Only around one in ten workers are expected to benefit from the new Job Support Scheme; those earning between £625 and £987 per month, those workers on lower pay do not qualify for the scheme and the bonus is too small to incentivise keeping employees on higher wages.

Christmas parties are definitely off the cards for most firms this year with 81% of respondents to a Euro Projects Recruitment LinkedIn poll suggesting no celebration will be held. 11% saying they hope to host a small gathering of up to 6 people and 8% saying they intend to celebrate online.

Ideas to keep up morale on a budget include online wine tasting and having pizza’s delivered to employee’s houses.

Cassandra Andrews:

  • Be sensitive to redundancies and lost revenues but don’t squander an opportunity to engage with individuals.
  • Use to break down unintentional silos and offer a sense of belonging.
  • Allow staff to collaborate and be creative to come up with their own ideas.
  • Ask your team what they would like to do.
  • If only 20% of businesses are doing anything then be one of the few who are and differentiate your business as an employer of choice.


Only one in 8 firms are said to be prepared for Brexit.

The 15th October deadline for a deal could still be ignored if an agreement cannot be reached with French fishing industry presenting a key stumbling block to a deal.


At 2.00p.m. On 19th October, we will be running a special Zoom Call with guest David Yedall, Brexit Consultant at accounting and investment accountants Smith and Williamson, helping you to plan for the post-Brexit economy.

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Leading in a Crisis - The Leadership Perception Gap

Steve Middleton – Engagement Multiplier

High performing leaders navigate unique times and are adaptable, “it’s the difference between war time and peace time leadership and right now we are in the trenches”.

Employees have changed, customers have changed.  Some leaders are thriving in this situation.

Poor leader = poor results in the business

Rapid evolution of the employee experience: employees are looking for answers and direction.

What is the Leadership Perception Gap?  What is the truth or the gap between your perception of yourself as a leader, the perception of the team as you as a leader?  Don’t be afraid to look at the truth and the facts; every leader can always find a way to improve themselves, and the impact they have on the business.

Are you behaving the way you expect your team to behave; even the little things like being on time for meetings (be it virtual or in person)?

Are you demonstrating confidence?  Are you demonstrating confidence in your team and their approach?

Are you adopting a caring approach?  Are you still showing compassion and flexibility to your team; we saw a lot of this in the early days of the pandemic, but it has it fallen away a little bit?  It is one of the most important aspects of leadership.  Demonstrating this at all times (not just when we are in the trenches) is one of the most important parts of leadership.

7 'C's of successful leaders:

1. Courage

2. Credibility

3. Consistency

4. Connection

5. Confidence

6. Caring

7. Commitment

To access the Engagement Multiplier Leadership survey or to learn more about the Leadership Perception Gap, click the link below:


Stephen Brown:

  • I’ve recognised that with more people working remotely having processes and systems to manage are important factors to running a business
  • Metrics are now really important
  • You can’t catch people in the act of doing great things
  • Results and outcomes can be measured but so can inputs that have a defined outcome
  • To make the most of the feedback Engagement Multiplier can provide requires a culture of vulnerability and collaboration

Don’t forget to ‘tune in’ next Monday at 2.00pm to 2:30pm…

19th October, Zoom Call with guest David Yedall, Brexit Consultant at accounting and investment accountants Smith and Williamson, helping you to plan for the post-Brexit economy.

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Meeting ID: 831 5866 4435

Passcode: 752630


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