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Finding Your Needle in a Haystack


Stephen Brown

With so much news about lay-offs and redundancies, you'd be forgiven for thinking that recruiting just got easier. It didn't, in fact it just got 100 times riskier!

With more people applying for jobs than since the 2008 credit crunch, finding 'A' Players who will take your business forward in what's now a tougher and more competitive market is even more difficult amongst the additional background noise.

There will be good people let go as a result of the pandemic and through no fault of their own. Many companies are however using this as an opportunity to go 'dead-heading' and are removing the under performing people. 

Our top 5 tips to find the needle in the haystack:

1. Recommendation and referral is still the best way to identify the best people (This is the frst thing we do when starting a search assignment).

2. Assess the behaviour of your candidates throughout the process, how quickly they respond to information requests and how they answer your calls.

3. Take informal references, asking "would you re-employ this person?

4. Get them to undertake relevant skills tests, such as code writing for programmers, pitching for sales people and solving engineering problems for engineers.

5. Ask them to explain what they have done, not what they might do. Drill down on key points.

We run robust processes and systems, motivational maps, psychometric tests, reference checks and high integrity competency, skills and values based interviewing on all candidates to ensure you choose the person you want with complete confidence.

The results speak for themselves: 81% of all people hired using this method are still in post after 2 years, 72% of which, have received a promotion or additonal responsibiity in this time.

To minimise your risk of a mis-hire call us and we will share what we do and if our process is right for your business: 01530 833825.