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Maintaining Employee Mental Health and Well-Being in Lock Down

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Stephen Brown

Discussed at our recent Zoom meeting with clients, here are some great tips from HR and Health Professionals to support your employees health and wellbeing:

  • Health & well-being professionals are seeing people’s mental health fluctuating on a daily basis
  • Initially there was a mood of we can through it, in the last two weeks “is this ever going to end”
  • People now finding it difficult concentrate and cope
  • Those succeeding are employing a good routine.
  • Some days will be less productive, allow yourself and your staff to accept this, it is recommended not to force yourself, everything is in a state of flux. If you find yourself trying to cope with macro issues as well as day to day, take time to focus on easy to achieve non-important things as a way to recharge.
  • Do the thing you like least first and aim to finish each day doing something positive.
  • If you or your employees have children at home and trying to cope with them and work, appreciate this is an added strain. Don’t be hard on yourself or family, just do the best you can do
  • Exercise daily, even if just a 10 minute walk, it’s important to have a change of environment.
  • Switch the News off; go for two days without it.
  • If someone in your business is struggling, refer them to LAMP or MIND mental health charities.
  • Struggling with how you feel at this time is not something to feel embarrassed about. A lot of people who haven’t had any problems are now struggling.
  • There is no stigma to say “I need help”, its worse to bottle it up.
  • Be a listening friend, ask how can we work round it? Say “I’m always here”, Don’t push people too hard, you may not know what’s happing in their life. People with relatives in care homes are very stressed about this right now.
  • The current situation may be exacerbating existing problems at home.
  • Give yourself rewards for doing things on your list, such as a 10 minute break to do something different.
  • Buddy systems: Don’t take the whole burden for keeping in touch with your team members, get colleagues to look after one another.
  • From a legal perspective, take care of anyone who might have a disability, or existing physical and mental health issues. If someone is at home with such issues undertake a risk assessment.
  • Ask for medical guidance “what reasonable adjustments should you be making”.
  • Looking after your more vulnerable employees now is like making a bank deposit with that employee, which they will appreciate it in future.

Useful Mental Health & Well-being resources include:

Remploy - It a free service open to any employees, individuals don’t have to have a diagnosis to access the service.

Able Futures - offer a very similar service Remploy and it’s free, plus lots of different resources on their website which are user friendly.

LAMP: Independent mental health charity founded in 1989. Our service is independent, confidential, trusted and non-judgemental. We provide free community mental health advocacy for people living in Leicester, and Carers Advocacy for people living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

MIND: Provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. We won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

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