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Recruiters Against Covid-19


Stephen Brown

Having recently had Covid-19 and because my wife is an Intensive Care Nurse, currently looking after Covid-19 patients (thankfully I wasn't one fo them); I know that having the right equipment to do her job and to keep her, and in turn our family safe is paramount.

This is why we have diverted a large part of our resources to the following projects and initiatives to be as helpful and useful as possible:

If any of these initiatives are of interest to you, or we can help you and your business to help the NHS further in any way, please let me know.

The Top 6 things we have been doing to support the National effort against Covid-19

  1. Our recruitment team have been doing free recruitment for manufacturers of PPE and ventilator parts, placing people in essential engineering and manufacturing roles.
  1. We have brought together a supply chain of machined parts, pneumatic and electronic circuits to support a client who have developed a new ventilator design and prototype. Helping both our client and those businesses in need of new markets.
  1. We are compiling a database of furloughed engineers to volunteer to convert railway rolling stock into  ‘Ambulance Trains’, which will be used to transport critically ill Covid19 patients to new Nightingale hospitals around the UK.
  1. Every Monday, at 2pm we host a call for all clients and friends of Euro Projects Recruitment to attend a Master Mind Group call and hear from guest experts in banking, law, accounting, HR and sales.
  1. We have teamed up with leading providers of Employee Engagement surveys and Motivational Mapping to offer free reporting and advice on how your newly remote working or furloughed employees are coping with the change.
  1. If you have friends or family looking for work, we are offering free career coaching and training webinars to help get people back into a job as quickly as possible.

We would also like to hear from you if you have any other ideas we can use our resources and extensive networks in Engineering, Manufacturing and Logistics to help you with.

In the meantime a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all our NHS Staff, Carers, Key Workers and everyone doing what they can to support our shared fight against Covid-19 (and everyone who continues to stay at home).