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How to apply the winning athlete mentality into your business

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I meet a lot of athletes and leading sports people, with several close friends who have reached the pinnacle of their chosen sport. I am always asking them questions which I can use to help my business and my client’s businesses.

Learning from the most successful people in sport and applying it to business is nothing new but often there is a disjoint between what you hear from sports people and what happens in your office or factory.

So how do you apply the winning athlete mentality into your business?

1.    Hire for COMPETENCE

2.    Hire for ATTITUDE

3.    Train for SKILLS

4.    TRAIN


6.    TRAIN


8.    You become what you TOLERATE

9.    Play people in their best POSITION

10.   TRAIN


12.   Continuously set GOALS

13.   CELEBRATE every win

14.   Build a culture of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY (“Accountability is what happens when personal responsibility runs out”)

15.   Continuously recruit RAW TALENT to develop

16.   Remove BLAME

17.   TRAIN


19.   Add experiential LEARNING

20.   Hire people who want to be COACHED

21.   COACH

22.   TRAIN


24.   MEASURE critical success factors

25.   Improve key METRICS

26.   Have a MISSION

27.   Have a PURPOSE

28.   Give your people the best TOOLS

29.   Create PRIDE

30.   Create a sense of BELONGING

31.   Tell your STORIES

32.   EAT together

33.   TRAIN


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