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The top 3 phrases recruitment managers dread the most:

  1. “I’ve decided to stay where I am.”
  2. “I’ve had a better offer elsewhere.”
  3. “The number you have called is not recognised.”

When you have spent over 2 months going through a recruitment process (our average time to offer is 66 days) and up to another 3 months waiting for your chosen one to serve their notice period, finding out after over 5 months that you are back to square one is not only incredibly frustrating, but it can also seriously damage your business.

So our customers avoid this time trap, we have developed a series of techniques based best practice from some of the best Engineering and Manufacturing SME employers you may have never heard of, but who always successfully fill their jobs.

To learn what these techniques are, join us for a Confidential Roundtable Discussion on Closing and Winning Candidates on Friday 21st July 2017 at our Bardon Boardroom. Click the link or call us on 01530 833825 for a free, no obligation 1-2-1 consultation on how to become the employer of choice in your area.