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Three reasons why you’re struggling to attract top talent

Right now most departments, in most organisations, in most industry sectors are struggling to attract top talent, at most levels.

HR and Marketing departments are spending hours of valuable time and investing thousands of pounds in employer branding initiatives, but are still failing to attract top talent and see the full potential of their return on this investment.

Why are these initiatives failing to deliver? Because they are top down and not bottom up!

Ever heard the saying people don’t leave their job, they leave their boss? It means individual relationships with real people matter most to employees. This is as important when trying to attract people as retain them.

Candidate attraction and employer branding needs to start at Supervisor and Line Manager level, developing the awareness and skills necessary which will make interviewees want to join you. By making small changes at a local level within your organisation you can dramatically improve your chances of attracting the best people with the best talent.

The top 3 things to put potential talent off joining your business are:

  1. Taking too long to respond to their application:

    Many Line Managers complain of being too busy to read CV’s! You will never cure your problem of being under resourced and too busy, if you don’t hire more good people. By ignoring the CV’s of the people who could help you, you are reducing your attractiveness as an employer. You’re also giving your candidates the time to find a job elsewhere, possibly with your competitors.

    Antidote: Review and respond to applicants within 48 hours. This will increase your hiring success and increase your reputation as a well organised employer who means business.

  2. Not reading CV’s properly:

    People want to be respected, understood and belong. Turning up to an interview having not read the person’s CV is a major turn off. The interviewee will feel they haven’t been chosen for interview on merit. Having to explain the basics of their career already written on their CV only highlights you haven’t read it. Imagine them turning up having not bothered to read your Job Specification and you get a sense of their frustration.

    Antidote: Thoroughly reading a CV and asking specific questions about what they have achieved not only allows you to make a more informed decision, but it also demonstrates you care and have taken the time to understand them.

  3. Not following up:

    Failing to follow up shows ambivalence. In the current candidate driven market, interviewees are expecting to be treated like customers and are more likely to be attracted by the organisations showing them the most interest and courtesy.

    Antidote: Treat every candidate like a VIP Customer. Send them personalised information beforehand expressing how much you are looking forward to meeting them. Prime reception to meet and greet your interviewees with a warm welcome. Be prepared with a nice interview room and offer refreshments. Follow up every interview with a message to say you enjoyed meeting them and what the next steps will be and by when.

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