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Push, Passive or Pull? Why will someone join your business?

Last month we provided an insight into the Top 10 ways to attract your candidates at offer stage. You can still read it here. This month we review the Top 3 reasons why people move jobs and in particular, we discuss whether people are more focussed on leaving their current job than joining your business and if so how does this affect you in terms of the standard of the people joining your business and their commitment to remain with you in the long term.

When we studied the data, we found that the key reasons behind a job move typically fell into the following three categories:

1)    Push: These reasons are based on strong ‘push factors’ to leave their current employer, including insecurity or perceived vulnerability of their employer’s immediate business performance; Concerns over their employer’s long term business prospects; Neglect to train and develop them; Insufficient trust and respect for their managers.

2)    Passive: These reasons will assist you to attract someone where the right conditions apply but they are not an active part of your candidate attraction strategy, they could also be termed “reasons of convenience”, they include: Shorter commute distance or easier commute; More acceptable working hours; Basic work content.

3)    Pull: These are the factors which you have the most control over and include: Salary offered; Flexible working practices; Holiday entitlement; Training and Development Programmes; Your image as a business in relation to growth, stability and projects won; Company culture and Future vision.

We strongly recommend that you consider the above factors when you are grading the suitability of your applicants. Whilst considering to employ someone who wants to leave their current employer will reduce their interest in a counter offer; their enthusiasm to join your business should outweigh their enthusiasm to leave where they currently are. How they see themselves fitting into your business and developing over the long term, should be of major interest and critical aspects to test during the selection process.

If you want to partner with an established recruitment specialist, focussed on matching the right people to the right jobs, with the right employer and for the right reasons, contact us today on 01530 833825. With 87% of our business coming from repeat customers you can be confident that your best interests are our absolute priority.