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The most frustrating part of recruiting – offering a job to someone who turns it down

The most frustrating part of recruiting is offering a job to someone who turns it down. This is especially painful if you have taken a long time to find the right person for the job. We have therefore compared the common factors of all the successful offers made by our clients in the last quarter and produced our Top Ten Tips for Attracting Your Person of Choice, so you can be successful too:

  1. Our client worked with us on an exclusive basis, ensuring our relationship was a true partnership for recruitment.
  2. A clear brief and job description outlining the mission, objectives, competencies and values required, was created at the outset of the assignment
  3. A clear process on how candidates would be evaluated and benchmarked against predetermined standards was established, even before any CV’s were read
  4. The recruitment process compared people against the brief, not one another
  5. The recruitment process moved quickly and decisively with clear yes or no answers on the suitability of people. Upon finding a “Yes” candidate an offer was prepared without procrastination
  6. The employment offer was either tailored or communicated to meet the personal objectives of the individual, incorporating home working, flexible working or other bespoke requirements
  7. Chosen candidates typically lived within a 33 mile commute zone
  8. The offer exceeded current earnings by between 10% and 15%
  9. An emphasis on Job Security, Prospects and Interesting work was demonstrated to the candidate throughout the process
  10. A personal development plan for the individual was discussed at length at final interview stage

To learn more about our insights into the current state of the engineering and manufacturing recruitment market, you can attend one of our free seminars being held throughout March, April and May at our offices based in Leicestershire, please contact Leanne Ganley at l.ganley@europrojects.co.uk for more information and to register.