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Are you falling into one of the top four recruitment traps?


If you are struggling to fill your open vacancies it may be that you are falling into one of the top 4 all too common recruitment traps, if you recognise yourself or your business below it’s time to change something about what you do!

Mirror syndrome

You want another you, people who fall into this recruitment trap may have even done some research into cloning! There is however only one you and someone identical probably wouldn’t want to work for you anyway. Instead, break your vacancy down into component parts and recruit people for each component role.


Right now we are seeing a really tight rein on pay offers, although counter-offers to keep good staff from leaving are still reaching an average of 12%. Making attractive pay offers is still therefore key to attracting the best talent.


You may have made significant sacrifices in life on behalf of your business or career but not everyone is as prepared to do so. Lifestyle is rapidly becoming the main reason for moving job roles, meaning the expectations of commitment and sacrifice from others will not always match your own.

Task focussed jobs vs. outcome based jobs

Too many job descriptions are a list of tasks and duties without any recourse to why the job exists and what objectives need delivering by when. A good mission and outcome based job description acts as a tool against which the performance of new recruits can be measured. People want to know two things about their performance; 1. How am I doing? 2. What’s next? This provides clarity from the outset.

In addition to the top 4 recruitment traps, are you making any of these 4 common hiring mistakes?