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Euro Projects Recruitment awarded Best in Engineering Recruitment

Euro Projects Recruitment awarded Best in Engineering Recruitment - Leicestershire

We are extremely proud and delighted to announce that Corporate Vision magazine have awarded Euro Projects Recruitment with ‘Best in Engineering Recruitment – Leicestershire’

Our approach is based on challenging the norm of typical recruitment businesses; we are consultative to all parties and have a culture of being extremely thorough and professional. As a result, our clients and candidates see us as “a breath of fresh air” after their previous experiences elsewhere.

We like to think of our clients and candidates as partners, and we put time and effort into understanding their culture as well as objectives. When working with us, they can trust that we have their best interests at heart. The robust processes we continually develop and refine ensures they can be confident that every job is matched to the right person for long-term success.

Initially, we started as an engineering and technology transfer consultancy, so we understand the values and objectives unique to advanced engineering and modern manufacturing companies. This unique background, which is hard-wired into our DNA, means we have the unrivalled ability to make the right technical and cultural matches for the companies and people we work with.

The key to our service can be encapsulated in one word: communication. We take the time to both speak on the telephone, and meet people face to face. From our perspective, these are the best ways to get to know our customers and candidates, and once we understand a person’s motivations and objectives we can guide the recruitment process to the best long term result.

It is this process-driven approach that helps our customers avoid costly recruitment mistakes. We start by mapping our clients’ culture and values so we’re immersed in their business and understand what constitutes a top employee in their context. We’ve developed a performance hiring method for generating and qualifying candidates which includes proper due diligence in assessing candidate motivation. We then help our clients position their company and job offer in the best light so they will attract and retain top-performing employees.

In terms of our ethos, we adopt a rigorous and structured recruitment methodology which helps reduce the risk of making an unsuccessful appointment. We work in close partnership with our customers and rather than ‘sell’ our candidates, we take the same objective approach as if we were employing the person for our own business. It’s this approach that has allowed us to enjoy such high levels of repeat business (87% of our clients are repeat customers).

The culture within the firm has always been very focused on customer service – both with clients but also towards our candidates. We value loyalty, evidenced both with the longevity of the team at Euro-Projects but also with our customer base. We place great emphasis on not just listing our core values, but also making sure that new members of our team share these values and that they are ‘lived by’ within the business.

At present there is a real skills shortage in the engineering industry, which will be compounded by the fact that many organisations cut back on apprenticeships and training during the recession. When there is a shortage of suitable people, it’s our job to work in close partnership with our customers to make sure that their attraction strategy and candidate proposition inspires a high level of interest.

As for the award, winning the ‘Best in Engineering Recruitment – Leicestershire’ award is something we are very proud of as a company. Every day, our whole team aims to deliver the best possible service to both candidates and our customers. You never really know how well you are doing until you get feedback from outside of the business, and it is a big pat on the back for everyone here at Euro Projects.

Looking towards the future, we will face a number of challenges, but that is something we are excited about. We feel very lucky to work in the advanced engineering and manufacturing sector. Everyone we work with treats innovation, change and self-improvement as a minimum standard. We take the same approach, and push ourselves to use new techniques and technology, many of which enhance our ability to deliver. However, there is a real danger that we could follow a social media path at the expense of meeting people. So our challenge is to simply stay focussed on meeting people, conduct a genuine conversation and give both our candidates and clients the service they expect.

Click here for the full awards publication.

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