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Executive search & selection

We use rigorous processes to select people who will grow and improve your business

Why and how to headhunt engineers

When you recruit executives, a strong cultural fit is as important as relevant experience. We appreciate the power of appointing people who share your vision backed by common values.

A process-driven approach

Finding that fit requires a meticulous process that starts with defining the mission for the role, the critical success factors, time-bound outcomes of the position, and the core competencies expected from an ‘A’ player in such a post.

This approach to senior level recruitment turns what can be a high-risk endeavour into a process-driven management science. Having mapped the DNA of your organisation to understand where your real competitive advantages lie, we assess what constitutes a top performer in your context.

We then proceed to mapping where the best candidates can be found, seeking recommendations from our network and targeting the best people with discretion. As a result, you get candidates with the right performance potential and the capability to add real value to your bottom line.

A dynamic talent pool

As well as matching specific sets of expertise and personality, our Executive Search Consultants are continuously meeting with both experienced managers and the latest talent emerging from some the UK’s leading business schools.

We only represent executives who are referred and recommended to us, meaning our extensive network of talent remains up to date with some of the most dynamic people in industry for you to choose from.

Our search and selection service is not reserved for appointments found in the boardroom: it can be utilised for any occupation where skills are scarce and in high demand. One of our key differentiators is our transfer of search and selection techniques for senior positions to more mainstream recruitment.

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‘We were recently looking for a Managing Director for our UK operations and appointed Euro Projects to conduct a thorough industry headhunt. We were delighted with the whole process and we are confident that we were appointing from the very best available talent.

We would like to make particular reference to the documentation Euro Projects produced throughout the whole process. We found this information invaluable as it gave us confidence that the project progressed even though there was geographical distance between our Scandanavian-based business and Euro Projects.’

Jan-Henrik, Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Precision Equipment Manufacturing & Engineering Company