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of people recruited through us are still in post after 18 months

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Our approach

Our process-driven approach helps you avoid costly recruitment mistakes

Avoid costly recruitment mistakes

We help you navigate the top four mistakes made by hiring managers:

  1. Unclear job requirements
  2. Weak flow of candidates
  3. Lack of confidence to pick from a selection of similar candidates
  4. Inability to attract your candidate of choice

67% of our clients have previously had a bad experience with a recruitment company. We have such strong relationships with our clients because we’ve developed and refined an approach to help you avoid these pitfalls, turning what can be a frustrating, risky endeavour into a process-driven science.

As a result of this approach, our candidates stick and you have higher retention rates.

1. Clarify your requirements

We start by mapping your company’s DNA so we’re immersed in your culture and understand what constitutes a top performer in your context. Then we look at why the job exists, key performance indicators and expectations for the first twelve months. We’ll also help you refine the person and job specs.

Getting this right at the beginning means you only review people who clearly fit your brief, so you can make rapid but informed judgments.

As one client said, ‘While you may reasonably expect this to be a logical approach for a recruitment specialist, in our experience it’s all too rare and is therefore refreshing.’

2. Source and pre-qualify candidates on your behalf

We’ve developed a performance hiring method for generating and qualifying candidates. This includes proper due diligence in assessing their motivations, so you only see people who are truly interested in and suitable for the role.

You save time, reduce risk and have a lower cost per hire because you don’t have to vet unsuitable candidates.

3. Help you choose from a selection of candidates

Choosing the right candidate from a short list of similar candidates comes down to comparing performance potential and the ability to fit into your culture.

We support you with interviewing and assessment techniques that will help you determine the most suitable match for the job and your business.

4. Help you attract your candidate of choice

Attracting the talent you want is a critical part of the recruitment process. Our detailed attraction strategy ensures you increase your chances of securing the people you want in a market where our research indicates 76% of candidates have more than one job offer within seven weeks of commencing a job search. In fact, 32% of these have more than three offers in the same period.

We help you position your company and your job offer in the best light so you will attract and retain top-performing employees.

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‘Being a smaller company, we really appreciated Euro Projects taking the time to come in and see us to gain a deep understanding of our business. We received the CVs of four highly relevant, available and pre-screened candidates and so selected all of them for interview. Euro Projects managed the whole recruitment process with great efficiency and professionalism, and even managed the offer-negotiation stage with the successful candidate. We were so impressed with the service provided that we now work in partnership with Euro Projects for all of our scientific and management-level recruitment.’

David, Managing Director, Life Science Company