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We help you every step of the way in getting the right position, with the right employer, for the right package

Preparing For Your Job Interview

You can be confident that we will not waste your time with jobs that aren’t right.

We have developed unique, rigorous processes for creating accurate job specifications with prospective employers; determining the cultural fit; as well as assessing the expertise and skills they are looking for.

These are central to our discussions with you when we are matching you to new positions, and we will only put you forward for positions where you agree there is a strong fit with your strengths and aspirations.

We invest in our relationship with you, getting to know you and matching you with excellent employers from our wide range of vacancies in your industry.

You will get in-depth support throughout the process. Prior to every interview we ensure you are fully prepared, and after every interview we receive and provide feedback. We take you through the offer process to secure the right package and stay in touch during the transition to your new employer and first few months in post.

We are passionate about your career, and it is no coincidence that many of our candidates become friends and clients of the future.

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‘It was an absolute pleasure to work with Euro Projects. They were always attentive and reassuring throughout the whole of the application/interview processes, providing valuable feedback to me directly from the client and relaying my concerns and objectives when necessary. Definitely a breath of fresh air, confidence and professionalism when working with them.’

Rob, CAD Engineer